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Grace is about "COMMUNITY." In Matthew, God tells us to go! It means "as you go." The people of Grace reach out as their lives intersect with others by intentionally making a positive impact. Service is one way of doing just that!  
Will you join us? 


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Local Seniors

 The Book of James tells us to take care of the elderly.  Grace helps local seniors through needed supports, Birthday/Christmas and SOW =

Sisters of Wisdom 

Image by Avel Chuklanov


The Word tells us to "Go into all the world"

Grace supports:

Reach Global

Crisis Response

God's Pit Crew

Breath of Christ

DSS of Charlotte Co. 

Shepherds Tavern

Lee Missions

School Kids

Local Schools

Keeping the faith and running the race...

We collaborate with the FCA by supporting local school sports pre-game meals, sports camp and funding.  

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