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Lean In!

In life there are times when we are more attracted to some people than others. We have preferences. Some people we like…some people we don’t like...some people are encouraging…some people distract us…some people are interesting…some people are not interesting. Usually you can tell if someone is interested in what another person has to say or not. If not, then you can almost see the mind wandering to something else – anything else. Even their body language says, “I’m not interested.” On the other hand, when a person is interested in another person, it is not uncommon to see him or her lean a little closer. Think of two lovesick young people sitting across from each other at a diner. They actually lean on the table toward each other. You can be sure that each of them is not only listening intently at every word, but taking in every detail of the others face, tone and movements. They lean in to take it all in!

In our Christian faith, we make choices too. Our faith centers on the Person and work of Jesus Christ. He brings us closer to God, the Father. Just imagine that you are sitting across the table from Jesus in the flesh. Would you recline back in your seat, let your mind wander or maybe even dose off? I suspect that anyone reading this would respond, “Of course, I wouldn’t go to sleep on Jesus!” If you are reading this text my phone “I’m leaning in”. But, we have to ask ourselves are we truly awake – are we truly leaning in when in the presence of our Lord and Savior? Ephesians 5:14 states, “For this reason it says, ‘Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.’” Now, this verse is directed at people who are in darkness and have not seen the light of Christ. But, maybe some of us need to wake up too. Like turning our back on a physical light, turning our back, reclining away, letting our mind wander or going to sleep is trading the Light of our Lord for a world of darkness.

Some may argue, “Pastor, I’m saved, so this has nothing to do with me.” But, lazy, uninterested, feeble faith is not faith at all. This is the same as leaning away from a life invested completely in Christ. When we finally find interest in the company of the real God through a real Jesus with real people of faith, then there is no other option than to lean in! So, let this be a challenge for each of us. Have we become disinterested in God? Have we become disinterested in Jesus? Have we become disinterested in God’s people? If so, then the problem is not in these, but it is within us. It is time to be honest. God knows your heart anyway. If you have been leaning back lately, then the time has come to lean in! Jesus is still leaning toward you. Will you lean in too?

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